Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sea Star - Sea Life

Tina Holden answers The Chameleon Questionnaire.
When did you first discover that polymer clay is a great art
When I went to visit family on my first trip back to Germany in 1989. My father took me to Opi which is something like our Michael's here. I saw these great belts and buckles made from it and thought 'wow! what is this stuff?! I have to try this' so bought a few blocks of Fimo, some metal pulvers, some stones and chain and off I went. I still have my first piece and it had gone through the washer and dryer, so it must be good! lol
 Next to your hands, a knife and a pasta machine what are your favourite tools?
Three polymer clay pendants with different bead applications.
Definitely my foam sheet for texturing the backs for pendants, my various sizes of knitting needles and a cartridge-less pen for setting stones and for making texture.
What is your greatest artistic inspiration?
My greatest 'what' inspiration would be where I live, by the 
An early whimsical box
ocean. Sea life permeates much of what I do. The Starfish or sea star (my husband constantly reminds me that a starfish is not a fish, lol) well, that creaturealongwith the sea urchin serve as my greatest inspiration.
What is the best thing about your current studio space or spaces?  
The best thing is the solitude. It separates my living space and my creative space. Nobody but me in that space. And I don't wake anyone up if I need to run the pasta machine motor in the middle of the night. Well, maybe that sound carries, lol.
What is the best time of day to work?
Green Man Clock
First thing in the morning, but also late in the evening. 
Whose work do you most admire?
That is a really tough question as there are so many fantastic designers and artists out there, I just couldn't pick one. I'd have to say that I admire many, but none the most. Maurits Cornelis Escher or better known as M.C.Escher has always fascinated me. When I worked in beadwork I would emulate some of those plane-filling 'regular division' motifs. 
What other artistic medium do you joy working in?
Wire and bead embroidery. Before I began working with polymer clay, bead weaving and wire were what got me started in making jewelry. Wire has so many capabilities. It can be woven, shaped, knitted, crocheted, braided and even sewn. It's such a great instrument in putting things together...even polymer clay.

What question would you add to this list of questions?
If you could make polymer clay more perfect what would that be? like the holy grail...transparent! lol.

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  1. Thanks for inteviewing Tina! She is a talented artist and wonderful person to know.