Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nothing as much Fun as Polymer Clay

Rachel Gourley answers the Chameleon Questionnaire 

beach stones
sand dollars
When did you first discover that polymer clay is a great art material?

 When I lived in Washington in 1999, I saw Ford Forlano's brooches at the Baltimore Craft show. I had no idea what they were made of so I asked everyone I met if they knew what this stuff  was. Eventually someone said, "I don’t know but I live next door to the ex secretary of the National Polymer Clay Guild"
The same night my new acquaintance took me to the monthly meeting of the local guild where I met Nan Roche, Lindly Haunani, Rachel Carren and lots of others.
 Next to your hands, a knife and a pasta machine what are your favourite tools?

Tools I find useful: knitting needles, Xacto knife and anything with a rough texture.
What is your greatest artistic inspiration?
 I don’t understand inspiration. It appears from nowhere and comes with a great feeling  but I definitely respond to landscape, weather, things I find or see like the stones in a wall or the lichen on a rock
What is the best thing about your current studio space or spaces?
I have a small studio space but its all mine. 

What is the best time of day to work?


Whose work do you most admire?
Many people's
What other artistic medium do you joy working in?
I used to be a print maker and loved that and I have some paintings I did that I like but nothing has been as much fun as Polymer.

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